Tena speaks at conferences and other events delivering meaningful messages driven to propel knowledge and change that helps improve the lives of young children and their caregivers -- including promoting systemic changes in delivery systems, policies and practices that serve early childhood.


Tena can deliver keynote presentations, trainings and other speaking events on the following topic:


  • Early Childhood Mental Health

  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

  • Trauma and Young Children

  • Mental Health and Early Education

  • Separation and Attachment Disruption of Young Children

  • Young Children and Grief/Loss

  • Healing trauma and trauma informed care

  • Early Childhood Development through Attachment and Neurodevelopmental Lenses

  • Attachment

  • Professional burnout/compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma

  • Reflective practice

  • Reflective supervision

  • Reflective consultation

Other topic possible upon request.


Recent Speaking Engagements


The Power of We: Connecting Conversations Between Staff and Families

Breakout Training - 02/04/2019

2019 California Head Start Association | Parent and Family Engagement Conference


Trauma-Informed Care and Education: Transformative Experiences that Restore Healthy Brain Development of Young Learners

Breakout Training - 02/06/2019.

2019 California Head Start Association | Education Conference


Cost of Caring: Professional Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma Among ECE Staff

Breakout Training - 02/07/2019

2019 California Head Start Association | Education Conference


Caring for the Carers: A Conversation about Burnout and Compassion Fatigue within Head Start

Closing Keynote Presentation | 04/17/2019

2019 California Head Start Association | Health Institute


AB 752: Safeguarding a Child’s Place to Grow in Early Childhood Education Programs

One-Day Training - 04/27/2019

Supporting Future Growth | Early Education State Preschool Teacher Professional Development


Cost of Caring: Professional Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Early Care and Education Teams

One-Day Training - 07/29/2019

Stockton Unified School District - Early Childhood Education Department, Early Education State Preschool and Early Head Start/Head Start Teacher Professional Development


You Matter: A Celebratory Tribute to Kidango Staff

Keynote Presentation - 10/11/2019

Kidango | Wellness Day


Cost of Caring: Professional Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma

Breakout Training - 10/11/2019

Kidango | Wellness Day


Emcee - 01/22/2020

Kidango | 2019 Superhero of Early Childhood: Dr. Nadine Burke Harris