I am here to help. When you work with me, you gain a collaborator who will assist with your efforts to make a difference in the lives of our youngest members of humanity: young children.

I offer consulting, training and speaking about early childhood mental health within the following areas:

  • Early childhood therapy & treatment

  • Early childhood parenting, foster care & adoption

  • Early care & education

  • Early childhood pediatric medicine

Work with me.


Tena offers early childhood mental health consultation (ECMHC) that equips and empowers parents and professionals with knowledge, skills and insights to effectively support the varied needs of children in their care. Tena helps explore concerns or vulnerabilities regarding parenting, attachment, social-emotional and early development, behavior and others issues related to infant-family early childhood mental health. Consulting areas include:

  • Parent Consulting

  • Professional Consulting

- Mental health and other therapists

- Early Head Start, Head Start and State Preschool

- Child Care

- Pediatricians and family medicine practitioners

Tena supports individuals and organizations to build skills and knowledge in important topics related to early childhood mental health through trainings, workshops and courses. Topics include trauma, toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), early development, challenging behaviors and more. Trainings delivered for:


  • Parents and other caregivers (foster parents, adopted parents)

  • Mental health, occupational, speech therapists and social workers

  • Behavioral Health Organizations

  • County Behavioral Health

  • Department of Children and Family Services

  • Early Care and Education, Child Care Centers and Preschools

  • Early Intervention Services

  • Maternal, Family and Pediatric Medicine

  • Foster Care and Adoption


Tena is a passionate and inspired speaker. She is available to speak and present at meetings, conferences, workshops and other venues on discussions related to early childhood.