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Program leadership, directors and administrators create a context for effective and sustainable consultation. System or program consultation is foundation to a program's implementation of an effective early childhood mental health consultation program. This level of consultation supports leadership's investment to build capacity across all its program components that promotes the mental health and well-being of all staff, children and families.


Center directors and teaching staff are the soul of the classroom experience. Center or classroom consultation supports the staff's ability to create and sustain nurturing relationships and environments that can be responsive to the needs of all young children in their care. This level of consultation aims to improve the overall quality of the center or classroom and assist the program to solve specific issues that affect more than one child, family and staff member.


Each child and family possess their own strengths, vulnerabilities and potential. Child and family consultation addresses factors that influence an individual child/family including when there are challenging behaviors and difficult circumstances. Staff and parents are supported to understand and create the relational and environmental conditions that enable a specific child with individual needs to benefit from and flourish within the learning environment. 


The mental health and well-being of young children are intricately linked to the mental health and well-being of their caregivers. Staff and parent wellness consultation is a brief, preventative support that assists caregivers to address stress and other factors that can affect their relationship and provision of care to a child or group of children. Wellness consultation is an investment in the staff and their sustainable delivery of high-quality care.


High-quality learning environments are created by highly trained and competent staff. Training is an essential component to building the capacity of program staff to foster nurturing relationships, supportive environments and effective learning environments that yields positive social, emotional and developmental outcomes for young children. Through mental health-oriented training, staff will gain competence and confidence to respond to the varied and complex needs of young child that prevents, identifies, treats and reduces the impact of mental health problems and challenging behaviors among children from birth to five.

The competence of an early childhood mental health consultant workforce is critical to the effectiveness and outcomes of an early childhood mental health consultation program. We offer training and clinical supervision of consultants for child care and preschool programs. Our training program gives a foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to work on behalf of young children. Our specialized and interdisciplinary training and reflective supervision supports a standard of excellence for consultation and is in alignment with the competencies of the California Professional Endorsement Criteria for Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health developed by the California Center for Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health.